Privacy Policy

We as one of the successful business entrepreneurs have our own affiliate privacy policies which are a kind of written document containing the personal information being collected from the users. Such privacy policies have a clear description that your business never uses the personal information of any of our users. The users can better understand our business products and services with our privacy policies which are very much efficient so as to ensure a smooth running go our entire business. The exact contents of any privacy policy may depend upon the applicable laws or terms and conditions of the business and thus we have also formulated our privacy policies based on the nature of our business. Our web portal can provide you the exact information is required by you and such information will be 100% genuine and you won’t ever have to face any kind of fraud while exploring some information on our reputed web portal.

What do we gather?

When it comes to the information being gathered on any website, we are ensuring all our users that we require only their basic details such as their full name, their job title, address, email id, contact numbers, etc., as we have to maintain some systematic records for our future references. Our affiliate policies have clearly constituted that the personal information may vary from user to user as it may depend on the type of their registration on our portal but all such information will remain secure and private and will never leak to any of the third party dealers or agents/mediators. Our data may require your age as well but there is nothing to worry about the users want to get registered on our portal to get some valid information. We are highly committed to providing you better services without any interruptions.

How do we utilize the Cookies?

Do we collect some cookies? Yes, we collect the cookies as the information being required by our database may also track your IP addresses and can browse the cookies but such cookies are for our business purpose and not for any kind of illegal purposes as such cookies can help us in analyzing our database in such a manner so that we can easily identify how many users have to get registered on the portal, how many of them have browsed the entire web page, and much more. The entire private or personal information of the individual users are very much valuable for us to advertise our business in an efficient manner. The analysis of our database with the help of these collected cookies can really help us in expanding our business by improving its services to cater our clients with 100% satisfaction. Our clients are highly valuable for us as only they can help us in analyzing our entire business whether we are providing them the required services or not. As a user, you need not worry even a little bit as all your information will get secured on the portal without any misuse.

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